Bad Hex Split

by Big Waves of Pretty

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Split with our good buddy Jason Wolpert's band, Bad Hex. He played all the stuff on those songs, folks. Released on cassette by Jason's label, Yardsale Records. Snag one of the few copies left on Bad Hex's summer tour:

Listen to more Bad Hex here:

That man making the lovely face is Jordan Portlock. He's a rocker. His band is called King Mountain Petrol. Give 'em a listen!


released November 21, 2013



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Big Waves of Pretty

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Track Name: Lvsckr
make up a drink and make me a patron//the way the you kiss won't inspire the nation//you say im bored I call you brutal//sharing stale sandwich bread in the empty bus terminal//that said they wouldn't close till the last man was home//but a lady in plexiglass gave us the bone//so we took it out on ourselves//found somewhere else to leave us alone//bite those white lying marks right out of your thumbnail//if your mama read your thoughts she'd tell you to go fuck yourself//put on some nice clothes take me out dancin//im not those boys you hate romancin//facebook friends are the sum of their pixels//tv ghost hunters should not carry pistols//best sleep aid is a can of malt liquor//staying in bed till we figure out who's lovesicker//I cant spell one french word right//I don't believe this rush life//everyone shits in the city//when I'm with you It doesn't seem so shitty